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How it all began

Welcome to Esteem Spa Hire!

How it all began.
I had the idea of bringing a quality hot tub hire service to Mansfield and the surrounding areas, but not just a tub, something a bit more with those extra finishing touches. So I began buying various types of hot tubs to see what would work best and then moved on to try a few gazebos, and what fun they were. In fact I recall cutting one up with a pair of scissors in gale force winds just to get it down before it took to the sky. Anyway, several months later after much hair pulling and doubting myself, and with the website being almost complete (with special thanks to
I then founded the company officially in 2020 and finally began hiring.

It’s been an absolute rollercoaster of a year for all and I have been blown away by the response we’ve had. As you can probably tell I’ve never written a blog before but wanted to say I have thoroughly enjoyed helping to make so many occasions extra special for our customers. Bringing so many smiles to peoples faces makes it all 100% worth while.


What’s in the pipeline?
More hot tub hiring obviously and some new great packages on the website. Other than that though we will be branching into events hiring, so, marquees, horse box bars, disco tents, cinema marquees…. It’s all coming soon.

Although this next paragraph is probably not what a blog is for, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has hired from us, recommended us, talked about us, or liked or shared our posts on social media. And finally to my family and friends for all their support in helping me to make Esteem a go to name for hot tub hire.


Thank you!

Richard Henrys
Esteem Spa Hire

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